Waesqen Umexidees ~ only remaining founding member, male High Elf

Reaper Trainers
Husta Adax ~ strength & combat trainer, male Human Fighter

Wickflit ~ arcane magic & knowledge trainer, female Gnome Wizard

Drummmand Doublegrind ~ dexterity & charisma trainer, male Halfling Rogue, brother-in-law to Lowell

Delgeon ~divine magic, nature knowledge & herbalism trainer, male Wood Elf Druid

Active Reapers
Pettina Doublegrind ~ female Halfling Cleric, sister to Lowell

Wilhelm Dulaine ~demon specialist, male Halfling Fighter

Reaper Trainees
Alden Crickethollow ~ male Halfling Warlock


Reapers Guild of Rhedinor Longhammer