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Important Locations

Caeses Fanill’gir Reapers Guild stronghold, aka Castle Fang

Ham village known for pig farming
-The Sty inn/tavern/general store/stable

Odenkirk town

City of Glass capitol city of Rhedinor

Morematter eastern small halfling town

Mul Huldihr northern mountain range
-Vomgran dwarven city

Wastes of Shalla southern wastelands


Moon Arbor

Ebonstone Castle


Reapers Guild monster hunting guild
- Reapers

Clan Singleblade dwarven clan known for honor and dueling

Monsters of Legend

Bardess Olinheart Dwarf Vampire Bard
Vadamoosh, Great White Turtle Albino Dragon Turtle
Something the Cursed Werewolf Druid
Vorthak the Fallen Death Knight
Mar’max Ancient Chimera

Main Page

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