Sedric McFhallin


Character’s Name: Sedric McFhallin
Sex: Male Race: Human Background: Folk Hero
Class: Bard Level: 1 Exps: 10
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Deity:
Size: Medium
Height: 4’ 10” Weight: 118lbs. Age: 24
Skin: Fair Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde

Strength: 16 (3)
Dexterity: 16 (
Constitution: 15 (2)
Intelligence: 17 (
Wisdom: 14 (2)
Charisma: 19 (

Wound Points: 10

Speed: 30ft

Inspiration: 0

AC: 13 [+3 Dex]

Unarmed strike 5 to hit; 13 bludgeoning]
Proficiency bonus: + 2
Initiative modifier: + 3 = + 3 [dexterity]
Attack (handheld / thrown): + 5 = + 3 [strength] + 2 [proficiency]
Attack (missile / finesse): + 5 = + 3 [dexterity] + 2 [proficiency]

Strength save: + 3 = + 3 [strength]
Dexterity save: + 3 = + 3 [dexterity] +2[proficiency]
Constitution save: + 2 = + 2 [constitution]
Intelligence save: + 3 = + 3 [intelligence]
Wisdom save: + 2 = + 2 [wisdom]
Charisma save: + 4 = + 4 [charisma] +2 [proficiency]

Insight (passive): 12 (17 with advantage)
Investigation (passive): 14 (19 with advantage)
Perception (passive): 14 (19 with advantage)

Languages: Common, Infernal

Feats: None

Acrobatics Dex 3 = +3
Animal Handling Wis 4 = +2 +2
Arcana Int 3 = +3
Athletics Str 5 = +3 +2
Deception Cha 4 = +4
History Int 3 = +3
Insight Wis 2 = +2
Intimidation Cha 4 = +4
Investigation Int 3 = +3
Medicine Wis 2 = +2
Nature Int 3 = +3
Perception Wis 4 = +4
Performance Cha 4 = +4
Persuasion Cha 4 = +4
Religion Int 3 = +3
Sleight of Hand Dex 6 = +4 +2
Stealth Dex 6 = +4 +2
Survival Wis 4 = +2 +2

Tool Proficiency: Lute, flute and drums, Carpentry tools, Land Vehicles

Entertainer’s pack
Leather Armor
A tiny mechanical spider which moves when not observed
Artisan’s tools, Carpentery
A shovel
An iron pot
A set of common clothing
A belt pouch

0 Plat 10 Gp 0 Sp 0 Cp

Bard Spells:
Cantrips –
Mage Hand

1st Level: [Can cast 2] DC: 14
*Cure Wounds – Heals 1d8+4
Detect Magic
Feather Fall


Sedric McFhallin is the “Chosen”.
This was decided by two factions, basically by accident. The ancient family of the Dulaines were legendary demon fighters for generations and hunted the world for such things until the demons feared the family’s name and their allies. The higher ups sent out demons to hunt down the families and the allies, one group deciding to survive a bit easier did some research.
They went after the closest wizard ally of the Dulaine’s Paladin warrior Drufasha Dulaine the Bloody Wraith, Zemin Tialus the Bold’s second cousin, Frakin DuRaith the Scribe’s, wizard college room mate, Xenth the Mighty Keg Tapper of the West Tower’s best friend’s ex-girlfriend’s father’s third cousin’s turnip farming neighbor across the road. Vague enough to let the lesser, but sneakier demons not be damaged by the Geas as they hunted them down but not threatening enough to slaughter them all.
On the other side, one of the last of the line of the Dulaines was given a prophecy that a chosen one outside of the family would cut out the evil from the family line. A family line which is dwindling because of the way the family does things. Heading out he started to hunt down the Chosen one which frustrated more and more until he started to torture a group of lesser demons he ran across and found information on their “Chosen one“ whom they were hunting.
Tracking down the McFhallin family he waited until the demons surged over the small turnip farm threatening and tormenting the family. One by one they are slaughtered as Wilhelm Dulaine grew more and more annoyed at their lack of strength. The youngest dead, the mother torn apart, the father and the sister tried to hold their own at the shed as the house burned down. Almost dead the last son finally got home and rushed forth with a pitchfork.
Coming out finally, Wilhelm tossed the boy a proper sword. “Kill the damned things,” Wilhelm demanded as the demons paused and stared in horror at him. Doing his best, Sedric fended off the demons who grew in courage as Wilhelm stood to the side calling out instructions, getting angrier and angrier even as Sedric begged for help. The rest of the family dead, Sedric half dead, Wilhelm thoroughly pissed, the warrior scooped up the boy and kicked away the demons before deciding to use them.
Watching the demons he would force them to attack the ‘Chosen One’ over and over until Sedric would become truly worthy of being called such.

Sedric McFhallin

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